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Who am I

I’m Kimia Esmaeil, a 25-year-old from Gorgan (Iran). For almost four years now, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a volunteer and today as an entrepreneur in developing underdeveloped and disaster-stricken areas. I’m proud to have played a small role in the growth of these areas and in improving the quality of life of their residents.
I consider myself lucky that I grew up in a family consisting of a rehabilitation doctor and a nurse. From an early age, I became interested in social issues and wanted to help my fellow human beings as much as I could. Over time, I realized that by investing in capacities that have received less attention, we can take steps toward sustainable development in underdeveloped areas.
I believe that focusing on three axes of education, empowerment, and employment is an appropriate solution to improve living conditions and most importantly the growth of the next generation. Instead of providing direct livelihood assistance, investment should be made in regional capacities, and opportunities for innovation and employment should be given more attention.
I have a strong interest in education and creating equal educational opportunities. To that end, I have been directly involved in educating children and adolescents in rural areas by building rural libraries. As an entrepreneur, I’m proud to have used my management, networking, and team leadership skills to create employment opportunities for people who deserve more support.

Work Experiences

Founder and Owner

February 2020 - Present

I founded the 'Sahra Group', a non-profit organization that aims to empower women and children in underdeveloped areas through employment, education and environmental protection. I was inspired by my previous volunteer work in disaster-stricken regions, where I saw the needs and challenges of the local communities. As the leader of this group, I oversee various aspects of its operation and management. Some of the tasks that I perform include: training and supporting local producers, especially female heads of households, who can add value to their products; designing and marketing products and packages that meet the market demand and reflect the potential and diversity of the producers; selling the products to organizations and companies; attracting sponsors, volunteers and influencers to promote the group's activities; and holding events to showcase the group's impact and achievements. I have invested my own money and time into this group, because I believe in its mission and vision. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far, and I hope to expand our reach and influence in the future. I am passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of women and children who face poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.


Underdeveloped areas
March 2019 - Present

I have a long history of volunteering for various causes, but I became more committed to it after witnessing the devastating effects of the 2019 flood in northern Iran. I felt compelled to use my skills and knowledge to help the people and the environment that were affected by the disaster. My volunteer work has focused on three main areas: relief, reconstruction and development. In the relief phase, I coordinated with other volunteers and organizations to provide immediate assistance to the flood victims. I helped identify and distribute public aid, medical supplies and livelihood necessities to those who were displaced or returned to their homes. I also managed and planned the construction of temporary housing structures that were culturally appropriate and hopeful. In the reconstruction and development phase, I continued to support the recovery of the affected communities. I built health and educational facilities to improve their quality of life, health and education. I assessed their needs and secured funds to offer livelihood packages to orphanages, people in need and charities. I also initiated small weekly campaigns to clean up the Hirkani forests from garbage.

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Logistics and production management
HR management and recruitment
Accounting, budgeting and financial management
Sales and project management
Fund raising, advertising and promotions
Ideation and planning

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